Smart Travel PCO handles everything to ensure a successful conference or congress. We have solid experience in everything from project management and administration to marketing and technology solutions. Our aim is to be a committed and personable partner to our clients.

Smart Travel PCO offer our services before, during and after the conference. We can assist through all stages from planning, implementation to follow-up.

Prior to the meeting: What is needed to implement the conference?

  • Needs analysis. We set goals, program content and specify the resources necessary.
  • Time management and budget.
  • Reservations. We suggest venues and make the booking arrangements, equipment, hotel rooms, meals and conference materials.
  • Marketing. We provide advice, order and distribute publicity and marketing material, design text and layout. We also create a website for the conference.
  • Project Management. We participate in planning meetings, manage contact with suppliers and advise on technical matters.

Service – Participants. Everything from registrations to nameplates

  • Website. We create a website with all the relevant information.
  • Registrations. We receive, check and confirm registrations.
  • Inquiries. We handle inquiries regarding accommodation and travel via phone and email.
  • Conference material. We produce and pack the materials such gift bags and nameplates.
  • Apps and other IT services. Our creative solutions increase participants’ activity before, during and after the event.

Financial Services

  • Participation fees. We invoice and accept payments from participants.
  • Financial Management. We handle the financial management of suppliers, lecturers and others. We pay invoices, taxes and salaries.
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting.

Reservations – Hotels, travel and social events

  • Reservations. We book hotels, flights, trains and buses, as well as transfers to and from the various events.
  • Communication with the participants. We answer inquiries and confirm attendee’s various bookings.
  • Liaison with hotels and other suppliers.
  • Support for external speakers and invited guests. We handle the needs of the special guest, such as travel and accommodation.
  • Social events. We suggest and organise evening events and excursions as well as the transportation to and from those events.

At the conference

  • Staffing. We can handle everything from the registration process to the hosting of the conference. We also distribute materials to participants, lecturers and the press.

Service – Exhibitors

  • Invites and exhibitor registrations. We develop a website where exhibitors can reserve and book space at the exhibition, equipment and meals.
  • Handling of registrations. We receive and check exhibitor’s registrations, allocate space, send confirmations and invoices.
  • Inquiries. We answer exhibitors’ inquiries before and during the event.
  • Exhibitors’ information. We compile information such as technical support, time schedules and a blueprint of the venue.

Post conference: Follow-up

  • Survey. We design, deploy and compile feedback after the event.

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